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Rules of play

  • Winning numbers are drawn from the Player’s Club Card System (Casino Trac)
  • Must be a Senior 55+
  • Seniors will receive one $5 free slot play until 10:00pm on Friday’s (One offer per person per Senior Day is allowed)
  • There will be five $50 free slot play drawings hourly from 9am – 1pm every Friday
  • Must be actively gambling at a machine when your name is called
  • Must be a Players Club Member to be eligible
  • Only one machine per customer (the machine you are sitting at)
  • All prizes are posted

Restrictions or limitations on participation eligibility

  • Must be 18 years of age with proof of ID
  • Cannot be a Winnedumah Winns Casino employee on or off shift
  • Winnedumah Winns board of directors are not eligible
  • Winnedumah Winns Gaming Commission are not eligible
  • Winnedumah Winns management or key employees are not eligible
  • Fort Independence Elected Officials are not eligible

Limitations related to the claim of prizes

  • Prizes cannot be traded for another prize or turned in for a cash value
  • Subject to Gaming Laws, any and all malfunctions or customer disputes will be investigated by FIGC.  Any unresolved disputes shall be turned over to the Fort Independence Gaming Commission, P.O. Box 96, Independence, CA 93526 (661)618-7913
  • The list of winners will be made available upon written request to: Board of Directors, P.O. Box 56, Independence, CA 93526