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Rules Governing Promotion

  1. Customer purchases $50.00 or more in fuel– Regular fuel or Diesel – this will automatically make the customer eligible for the $10.00 in free play at the casino – Store and Casino employees are NOT eligible to participate in this promotion.
  2. The customer will bring their receipt into the store (may ask store employee to print their transaction from within the store) once the receipt is validated by the store cashier for the date of or within 24 hours of purchase the customer can then be directed towards the casino.
  3. The cashier will ask the following:
    • Is the customer already an active player club member? If so, the cashier will need validate that the customer is in fact a member, once validated than the cashier can load the $10.00 free play onto the card. This validation will also include checking CasinoTrac to be sure the customer has not already received the $10.00 free play for pumping fuel with us.
    • If the customer is not a current player club member the casino cashier will need to set the customer up with an account, card, and $10.00 free play. This will break down as $10.00 for the fuel purchase and $5.00 for signing up as player club member.
    • Cashier’s will need to complete Fuel Log with the following information:
      • Date on Receipt
      • Time
      • Customer Name
      • Total Amount of Fuel
      • Transaction ID (located on customer receipt)
      • Player’s Club Member (Y/N)
      • Casino Cashier Initials
  4. Please note that customers have 24 hours to bring their receipt into the store and then be directed to the casino for the promo. After the 24 hours the receipt is no good for the promotional free play. They would need to pump $50.00 or more in fuel in a separate transaction to qualify for the free play.